Before we dive into the secrets I am about to share, identifying your skills gap and filling it is crucial to bagging your dream job. You become a highly sought after candidate, finding jobs faster and being in control of your career.

Now, let’s dive in;

Have you posted on every internet job board? Followed up with calls and emails? networked until you are blue in the face? But all you have is “crickets”?

Are you ready to call it quits and stay in the miserable job you have, knowing you are worth and desire more?

Stoooop! Do not give up just yet, here are some unique ways to land your dream Job.

Write A Prospecting Letter and Roll out direct emails.

Make use of the power of direct mail. Find at least 20 companies, you can contact your network to help you recommend a few companies and attach your resume to each mail. LinkedIn is powerful for this, and best of all, it’s FREE. Start tapping into this tool to reach out directly to hiring managers. People love personalized communication, so make sure your message is just that.

Here’s a book that can help you build a powerful LinkedIn Profile

Unlock the power of Digital Products

Write an article with information relevant to your industry and publish it. This immediately positions you as an authority and shows your expertise. Publish it on all social media platforms and other industry-specific websites constantly searching for content. Hint: tag some influential people in your industry and if they comment, your rating goes sky high. Publish in groups where potential hiring managers will see it.

Contact Human Resources

Sounds crazy, right? You’re not alone, most people are nervous around HR departments.

But trust me on this one, call the human resources department and find out what jobs they have available and any third party agencies they use for their recruitment.

If they ask why you want to know, simply tell them you are looking to work with them and so rather than guessing who their partners are, you would like direction from them.

I’ll start with the worst outcome “Check our website and hang up” Ok, at least you tried.

Two more likely outcomes are

First, if the job is still open, they ask you for an interview, companies would love to save the agency fees.

Second, where the job can only be filled by a recruiter, they will connect you and possibly recommend you to the recruiter. Recommendations play a huge role these days so the more you can get, the better and who better than from HR.

Do not forget to send them a thank you note.

These are guerrilla tactics that can give you better results.

Again, here’s the link to start building your online presence on LinkedIn

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That’s all rockstar, I hope you learned something from this blog and you got some valuable tips you can put to use right away.

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