My favorite person Tony Robbins says “The key to Success is to take massive determined action consistently”

Inaction is the death of any business. Without taking regular action, every single day, to grow your business, inaction causes your business to become stagnant. Clients disappear, your sales funnel could be empty, and your revenue can dip to zero in a heartbeat.

I want you to avoid this scenario, so, here are my top five action tasks that lead to increased income and business growth.

  1. Email Your Customers Regularly. 

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is NOT dead. Email is the easiest way to stay in touch with customers and prospects to let them know about your new offerings or to recommend an affiliate product which pays you a commission. Or just to stay in touch so they know they are valuable to you ☺

  1. Focus on Customer Service.

You do not please everyone but you may as well try your best. Inevitably, customers contact you with questions or ask for refunds so be prepared to answer these requests in a timely manner. Stick to your rules about refunds (which should be clear in the terms of agreement) but do not disregard or disrespect a customer. You know what they say about a negative experience? They typically tell 9 to 15 people and it becomes exponential online where negative online reviews are easier to find than positive ones. Bottomline, be nice to all customers.

  1. Raise Your Rates.

When was your last rate increase? Are your prices competitive with the current market of products or services of your caliber? Can your ideal client still afford your new rates? Be confident that your expertise is worth that new rate and break the new rates carefully to your current clientele so they don’t jump ship. Chances are if you are delivering value, they are likely to stick with you.

  1. Repackage Your Offerings.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Simply take your older content – products, books, programs, blog posts, etc. – and create new bundles or create an entirely new product. Package the old with the new, mix and match products and services. Do not throwaway the old. The information or products should obviously be related to appeal to your target audience and be sure to price it accordingly.

  1. Create a New Offering for Old Clients.

Research has shown that people buy from those they know, like, and trust, so open up that old client list and create an exclusive offer just for them. Make the offer sexy, exclusive, and time-sensitive to get quick action results.

How Do I Know What to Offer?

This is an age-old question of many business owners and it boils down to knowing your target audience. How do they want their information presented? What are the hot topics in their industry? What struggles do they have every day? What products are in high demand? The simplest way to know what they want is to simply ask them. Reach out to your trusted clients and ask or do some market research to know what’s trending. 

Ensure that you are consistently taking action to evolve and grow your business.


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