Every entrepreneur started off having the same dreams as a wantrepreneur, the main difference being the determination to take action.

Being an entrepreneur is attractive to many people for different reasons but it takes a lot of grit and determination to stay one. In this post, I will discuss the difference between wantrepreneurs and entrepreneurs and some easy steps to make the transition.

What is a wantrepreneur? – this is someone who desires to be an entrepreneur but never gets around to doing it. They really really want to but life and other distractions get in the way.

What is an entrepreneur? – this is someone who executes on an idea and starts a business and this is where you want to be if you want to enjoy the benefits of entrepreneurship.

So, how do you go about figuring out which one you are, well below are the five traits.

5 Traits of a wantrepreneur

  1. Talk a lot about numerous business ideas but never walk the walk – ideas they say are cheap because they never stop flowing. People who love generating ideas can produce 10 to 50 ideas a day. Imagine having ideas over and over again and not executing? Wantrepreneurs stay in this idea discussing state forever, missing out on seeing any one to fruition.
  2. Make excuses for why they haven’t started waiting for the perfect timing – waiting for the stars to align and all factors to be in place is an illusion. Wantrepreneurs will use this excuse to never launch a business and stay in the “if only” phase.
  3. Focus solely on making money – money is great and there’s nothing wrong with desiring money. Starting a business is hard work and if money is the sole focus, it’s easy to lose momentum because money may not come as quickly.
  4. Never willing to take risks, always plays it safe – similar to waiting for the stars to align, if you are not willing to take risks, you are a wantrepreneur. No entrepreneur has everything figured out, they take huge risks and so are greatly rewarded when successful.
  5. Unending goals, nothing ever gets ticked off. Always in the ideas phase. – if you have a long list of goals which you keep adding to it and never ticking anything off, you my friend are a wantrepreneur.

5 Reasons to transition from a WANTREPRENEUR TO ENTREPRENEUR

  1. Financial independence and no cap on the amount of money you can earn – working for an employer means there is a maximum earning you can make and this is dependent on how successful the company is. As an entrepreneur, the sky is your limit. You decide how much you want to make.
  2. Being your own boss, no one telling you what to do – most people hate being micromanaged. That feeling of someone constantly breathing down your back and watching over your shoulder is more demotivating than motivating. As an entrepreneur you get to determine how much work and the hours too!
  3. Decision making is yours – having the freedom to make the right decisions is a huge motivator. As an employee, you may have the best solution yet no one listens to you. As an entrepreneur you work with a team but the buck stops at your desk.
  4. You get to select your own team – when you join a company as an employee, you are thrown into a team and you don’t have a lot of flexibility with that. Now you can choose the people and personalities that work best with you.
  5. You get to leave a legacy – building something that outlives you is one of the highest forms of human actualization. A legacy to pass on and to be remembered for.

So now, I’m sure you’re super excited to find out how you can start living the life described above. It doesn’t have to be too complicated.

Here are 5 easy steps to get you on your way

5 Steps to Transition from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur

  1. Pick one idea and don’t tell anyone, you’ve been talking for too long – it doesn’t have to be the biggest, it just has to solve a problem and have a  market
  2. Get your ideas out of your head and create written plan – if you don’t write it out, you’ll never get it done
  3. Throw out your list of excuses – life will never be perfect so quit with the excuses
  4. Commit and put in the work to run the business – it won’t be easy, be ready to shed some blood but it’ll be worth it in the end
  5. Do whatever it takes to finish what you started – there are so many starters, commit to being a finisher today. The world needs you to shine.

Do whatever it takes to finish what you started – there are so many starters, commit to being a finisher today. The world needs you to shine.

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