It would seem as though the most appropriate time for a young person to consider career options is when they are embarking on the journey of choosing a college to attend.

For very few lucky ones, their career options are something they have been dreaming of since they could speak, they had a conviction so strong and never imagined doing anything else. They take specific high school level courses and choose schools that align with that “what do you want to be when you grow up” goal. Their career and life is a dream and they enjoy every step of the journey.

However, for a larger percentage of people, choosing a life career is not so simple. Many students don’t give a lot of thought to their career options and have no clear idea of their lives’ path as they enter college. They struggle with this practically throughout college and many graduates are still unsure of the path to follow. Yes, they know what interests them, but trying to decide on a specific major is a daunting task. They start off in one career and within a few years, start considering a change. Many people go on to have multiple career changes during the course of their lives.

Considering career options is not a challenge that only young folks deal with. Many established workers consider a career change at some point in their life for the same reasons. Some think of this as the mid-life crisis but it might just be because your occupation is becoming obsolete or you’ve lost interest in the thing they were once very passionate about. Getting to the point where you begin to think about other career options can be the turning point in one’s life. One to be celebrated.

Life is remarkably less stressful if you have a job that you enjoy. Carefully considering the career options that are most appealing to you is the first step to ensuring you’ll go to work each day enjoying the experience.

Throughout the month of August, I will share some tips on how to discover your ideal career path and switch.

It’s never too late to consider a new career path.
A career coach works with you to identify the path that’s best for you and a plan to achieve your goals. There’s nothing more rewarding when you discover a new life passion and work hard to achieve that goal. Many people in their 30s, 40s, 50s and even older are finding fulfillment in switching careers and now might be the right time for you.

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