You can read a thousand business books and not find the word “dare” mentioned once, but it is an essential character trait to have if you want to build an extraordinary business.

You are capable of being indispensable. You have the potential to be an excellent financial manager for your company. You can provide excellent customer service. However, if you do not dare to do amazing and unusual things, you will not achieve the pinnacle of business success.

What areas should you seek to be daring in?

  • Expanding into new industries.
  • Developing products or services that are radically different.
  • Daring ways of promoting yourself
  • Defying industry norms.
  • Taking a stand for what you believe in at work.
  • Rather than a gradual uplift, aim for rapid growth.
  • Changing your pricing drastically, either up or down.
  • Adding something dramatic to your product line.
  • In the first place, starting a business…

They say that there’s huge competition in the business world.

I beg to differ.

When you consistently take daring actions, you will soon have very little direct competition. Because most business owners are afraid of being too different, you will stand out significantly from your competitors.

Being daring may appear to be a difficult path to take at first, but it is actually safer than taking the so-called safe path. You draw attention to yourself. You attract more customers. You get more publicity. Generally, you can dare even more.

Consider this. Are you taking enough risks?

Remember this, “Fortune truly favors the brave.”

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