As a Business / Career Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Bestselling Author, and Consultant, Joan knows what it takes to create real transformation in the professional and personal lives of her audience. She uses her holistic, unconventional approach to inspire and guide others to connect to their true self, take control of their own lives and ultimately succeed. She believes you can create the life you want regardless of past experiences or the environment you find yourself.

Topic: Dare To Win

Motivating you to achieve your dreams…. All you need is to DARE

What do you really want from life? How do you want to be remembered?

In her signature talk, Joan challenges people to DARE to WiN and guides them to take action. She coaches them to create a strong desire backed by a powerful WHY and a commitment to achieve their goals. Everyone is destined for greatness and has the capacity to WiN.

The DARE method is a simple framework to help participants crystalize their Dream life, actualize it by taking Action, Replace the old for the new and be Empowered to achieve more.









Topic: Finding Your Purpose:

Get Clear on Your Purpose… So You Can Take Steps Towards Achieving It

Do you want to find your true calling and create a life filled with daily purpose?

In her individual and corporate speaking events, Joan helps people connect to their true self, and guides them to discover their true calling. She coaches them to take a truly honest look at where they are in all aspects of life so that they can gain clarity on what drives them, what is holding them back and what they need to do to create the life that they truly want.

Topic: Building Awesome Teams:

Create High Performing Teams That Take You From Good to Great

Are you a new leader of a team snd not quite show how to build the team?

Every team is different. It has unique dynamics of relations, a set of values, a personality, and certain attitudes that define who they are. It even has its own set of norms, some spoken and others not. Team dynamics and norms must be understood by all parties within the team because it greatly contributes to team culture and holds a powerful influence over performance. If you’re starting or joining a new team as the leader, you need to understand the existing system or create a new one.

In this talk, Joan guides team leaders on how to build awesome teams driven by a powerful vision and aligned goals. You will also learn how to be a servant leader and resolve issues that may arise. Teams cannot succeed if the bulk of their energy is focused on internal challenges like distrust, blame, lack of vision, miscommunication, lack of engagement, lack of motivation, etc.

Are you ready to take yourself, your team or your organization to the next level?

Joan Nwosu’s coaching services include speaking engagements, workshops, and seminars at local and international levels

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