Fact is, a lot of jobs will become obsolete in the next 10 years and many have already been replaced with the pandemic.

Upskilling is incredibly beneficial for your career especially if you’re considering a career progression or transition into an unfamiliar industry.

Taking the leap into unchartered territory can feel daunting and at times, impossible. We all struggle with unfamiliar situations, it’s your mind trying to protect you.

The idea that you lack experience, knowledge or confidence can be demoralizing and make you abandon your dreams.

Fear not, you are not alone and there’s a way out …….

Learn, Learn, Learn

Do you know that Online courses, Ebooks, lectures and training seminars are an effective way to bridge the gap between your previous experience and the direction you are heading to? You get to learn from experts and with everything being virtual, it’s practically free to get started. There are tons of platforms and resources out there and like I said some are as cheap as $1.

But that’s not all, I have tons of FREE videos that can help you transition to that dream Job of yours. So grab a coffee, tea or whatever your picker-upper is and enjoy these 🙂

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