selective focus photography of couple hugging
selective focus photography of couple hugging


Dare To Win

Motivating you to achieve your dreams…. All you need is to DARE

  • What do you really want from life? How do you want to be remembered?

  • In her signature talk, Joan challenges people to DARE to WiN and guides them to take action. She coaches them to create a strong desire backed by a powerful WHY and a commitment to achieve their goals. Everyone is destined for greatness and has the capacity to WiN.

  • The DARE method is a simple framework to help participants crystalize their Dream life, actualize it by taking Action, Replace the old for the new and be Empowered to achieve more.

As a Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Award-winning Author, Joan knows what it takes to create real transformation in the personal lives of her audience. She uses her holistic, unconventional approach to inspire and guide others to connect to their true self, take control of their own lives and ultimately succeed in relationships. She believes you can create the life you want regardless of past experiences or the environment you find yourself.

man hugging woman surrounded by plants
man hugging woman surrounded by plants
woman biting pencil while sitting on chair in front of computer during daytime
woman biting pencil while sitting on chair in front of computer during daytime

Finding Your Purpose

Get Clear on Your Purpose… So You Can Take Steps Towards Achieving It

Do you want to find your true calling and create a life filled with daily purpose?

In her individual and corporate speaking events, Joan helps people connect to their true self, and guides them to discover their true calling. She coaches them to take a truly honest look at where they are in all aspects of life so that they can gain clarity on what drives them, what is holding them back and what they need to do to create the life that they truly want.

Building Awesome Relationships

Create Relationships That Take You From Good to Great

  • Are you new to the dating game or been out of it for a while?

  • Every persons dating journey is different. It has unique dynamics of past experiences, relations, values, personality, and certain attitudes that define who they are. Understanding who you are, your beliefs and mindset greatly contributes to your dating approach and holds a powerful influence over success. If you’re starting or rejoining the dating scene after a divorce, you need to understand who you have become and do the inner work to reconnect with your authentic self.

Heart To Heart Live Interview

Some keys to your second chance:

🌟Start to heal from the trauma & stigma of being divorced. You are not a failure!

🌟"Tomorrow will always be better than your past. The book is not done"

🌟Activate your courage muscle

🌟Be open to the possibilities around WHO you date. What are some qualities you can expand on? How can you shift beyond your "type"?

🌟 Change your mindset around what dating "really" is.


Podcast Interview with James Preece

Podcast Interview with William Morales

Are You Ready to Discover the Secrets of Finding Love Again after 40?

In this episode, James is joined by special guest Joan Nwosu, a dating and relationship coach with a focus on guiding women in their 40s as they re-enter the dating scene after divorce.

Together, they delve into the importance of examining belief systems around relationships and marriage, the significance of mindset shifts in dating, and the impact of personal growth on attracting a nurturing relationship.

Joan's personal journey to address dissatisfaction in her life and her strategies for finding love again are sure to resonate with many go-getting women seeking a second chance at love.

So, sit back, relax, and get ready to learn and be inspired as James and Joan share valuable insights on love, self-improvement, and living a happier, more fulfilling life!

Today my guest is Joan Nwosu: Guide and confidante on this beautiful journey of rediscovery and connection... I wanted to have Joan on to talk about dating again after a divorce, and if you are over 40, it's never too late to get back out there and find love once more, I had a great time talking with Joan about the this topic.

About Joan : Joan is a Toronto-based Dating and Relationship Coach and creator of the "Second Chances Accelerator" program, dedicated to empowering divorced women over 40 to find love again. Drawing from her own transformative journey and diverse cultural background, she offers a unique blend of practical dating strategies, self-discovery, and spiritual mindfulness. As a dynamic speaker and storyteller, Joan shares insights on love after 40, attracting authentic relationships, and the power of self-love.

What drives Joan Her mission is to guide women through their journey of rediscovery and help them embrace their second chance at love. Online dating My foray into online dating was met initially with apprehension – a leap into the unknown. But then, life surprised me in the most beautiful way. I met Davide, and our connection was undeniable. Just four weeks later, he proposed, and now we're building a life together, with dreams of moving to Italy. It's a testament to the unexpected wonders that await when we open our hearts.


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