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How do you usually work with clients?

Our goal is to build a purpose-driven thriving business with you around your unique strengths, talents, skills, experiences and the things you love doing. We mentor, coach and guide our clients to uncover their purpose and live it full time. Clients can now build, scale and grow their businesses with confidence knowing they are in alignment with their purpose and have a clear transition plan with high-touch support every step of the way.

Clients that come to us know they want more out of life, they want an exciting life filled with meaning, joy, and abundance. They have been seeking a way to escape the 9-5 for good while doing something they love and impact the world. They are employees aspiring to join the entrepreneurial world, but not sure which business to go into or how they are going to succeed so they can finally quit their jobs. They are new to this world and have to figure everything out from business idea to launch, scaling and growing. They have probably tried out other businesses they are not passionate about and ended up failing or not growing enough to quit 9 to 5. Overwhelmed, overthinking and frustrated with having to figure things out on their own. The result is that they remain in 9-5 jobs and continue to feel empty and unfulfilled. They want to start a business to achieve freedom and live life on their terms, but right now they can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

To change that, you explore the difference between serial entrepreneurs and really Successful ones. The really successful business people are in love with the work that they do. They find purpose and meaning in their business and are able to stay motivated because of their strong WHY. This means that inspiration comes from within and designing the business becomes almost effortless. All you have to do is follow our strategic guide to launch your business and live every day doing what you enjoy. You are energized to grow and scale because you’re no longer lost in figuring out ‘what next’, overthinking what steps to take or in a brain-numbing 9 to 5 job, you are now the BOSS of your life. You’ll have a thriving business, serving the world with your unique strengths, attracting clients to you effortlessly. Because you are aligned with your purpose, you will quickly become a dominant leader in that domain. You will be recognized and rewarded for your authenticity and be an inspiration to others. You will leave a lasting legacy you will be proud of and go down in history as one of the impactful leaders of our generation.

After years of running different businesses while enduring a corporate 9 to 5 job, my life changed when I decided to create a business that aligned with my purpose. I have spent the last 12 months building the foundations of my system for transitioning from employee to BOSSLADY, launching a passionate and purposeful business. This is what you will get from working with me. We will customize your roadmap with you, developing a plan and strategy that works for you. We have done most of the thinking for you so you can finally have the ultimate fulfilled life, all you have to do is sign up for your coaching.

What can I expect from the call?

We’re going to do a high-level exploration to figure out what is working and what’s not working in your career or business. Once we have a better understanding of the current situation, we discuss your goals. If we determine Joan is the ideal coach to help you achieve your goals and take you to the next level, we will take the conversation further.

Who is Joan Nwosu?

Like many people, Joan Nwosu spent many years working in corporate jobs conforming to societal norms and essentially living a prescribed personal and professional life. Overachieving, but still unfulfilled in career. She started her coaching career as a Career coach, growing her business using the principles she now teaches, to become the go-to platform for career transitions in Canada.

Realizing that so many other corporate employees were frustrated with their jobs and desired their own business and freedom, she built the Ultimate BossLady Blueprint, providing them a simple customized escape plan to live the life of their dreams.

Over the course of her professional career, she transitioned through a number of careers and industries, working her way up to Senior Leadership roles. Her experience cuts across Management, Leadership Development, Marketing, HR, Business Development, Technology and Operations which she brings to her clients.

She has launched 6 businesses of her own, learning through expensive mistakes, what not to do when starting a business. She has worked with many clients who have now gone on to build 6 and 7 figure businesses/careers. She is committed to helping people get this clarity and go on to build successful businesses, impact the world and build legacies.

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